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UDG CourierBag Deluxe Black

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Holds approximately 40 records or 35 when holding laptop. It has loads of pockets:


- Two separate record compartments on either side

- Inside zipper pocket

- Zippable top pocket

- Detachable phone pocket on the side

- Large pocket under the front lid (with individual pen holders attached)

- Net on the side for bits n pieces (or a drink on the way)

Besides that its equiped with strong Velcro fastenings, removable tough strap with padded rubber shoulder cushion and handles with rubber grips. The bag comes with a separate bag in it for the storage of a laptop.




- Holds approximately 40 records (or 35 when laptop inside)

- Black padded bag with handles included for the storage/carriage of a laptop

- Detachable strap and handles with rubber grips

- Possible 12 pockets

- Velcro and zippable fastenings


Fabric Information


Nylon - Nylon is a strong, light synthetic, man-made fiber. Nylon has a shiny appearance, that makes it look like new even after many years!


Properties of Nylon:

1) It is strong and elastic

2) It is easy to launder

3) It dries quickly

4) It retains its shape

5) Dirt does not cling to this smooth fiber

6) It is not weakened by chemicals and perspiration

7) It is stronger yet weighs less than any other commonly used fiber

UDG CourierBag Deluxe Black